PU Coated Fabrics


PU Coated Fabrics

PU Coated Fabrics

Nobletex PU Coated Fabrics are made of the very toughest fabrics and is thoroughly tested to guarantee performance even after serious wear and tear, therefore provides rugged durable and excellent protection performance for a variety of end uses. 


  • Water proof & Water repellant
  • High breathability
  • Lightweight yet highly durable
  • Enhanced tear and abrasion resistance
  • High tensile and breaking strength
  • Excellent adhesion property
  • High modular flexibility

Technical Specs

  • Fabric :  Polyester/Nylon/Nylon 6,6
  • Weave :  Woven Plain/Oxford/Rip stop/Dobby/Two tones/Twill
  • Denier : 30 - 1600
  • GSM : 20 – 400 gsm
  • Width : Max 62 inches
  • Colour : Various
  • Prints : Various


The Nobletex coat

We develop 2, 3, and 4-layer coatings to suit the specific technical requirements. The application of coating tailored to the specific usage is what makes the end product into performance functional textiles. Uniform high quality is assured by the technical processing guidelines.


Nobletex PU coated Fabrics have a high level of breathability which complements its rugged performance. The fabrics allow air to flow throughout the material itself. Lots of materials are breathable. However, being breathable while still being water resistant is a much taller order. By their inherent construction and specialized coating the fabrics are both breathing and water resistant.

Abrasion resistance

Nobletex PU coated Fabrics provide a flexible barrier from abrasion, scuffs, and scrapes. Using an industry standard Taber Abrasion Tester helps determine how much abrasion resistance our materials can handle.

Water repellent treatment

To meet requirements related to function and care, the fabrics used in outdoor applications generally has a water repellent treatment on the outside. We ensure that durable water repellent finish is applied on the fabrics, which renders possible that water simply forms beads and rolls off. This treatment prevents or delays the ingress of water into the fabric.

100% waterproof

When outdoors we are exposed to the prevailing weather conditions.Nobletex PU coated fabric will ensure 100% waterproofing pursuant to international standard.


Flexibility of the material is critical not only when considering the end application but also during the construction process. Our materials offer a superior flexibility and hand feel giving manufacturers as well as customer confidence in fit, form and function.