Test Parameters


Test Parameters

All tests conducted by Nobletex comply with Nobletex standards and international standards. Nobletex performs these tests in-house and uses the tests to ensure that all its functional materials comply with or exceed these standards.

Breathability test

Nobletex checks the breathability of functional materials by Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR). The conditions under which the measurement is made has a considerable influence on the result. Both the temperature of and humidity gradient across the sample need to be measured, controlled and recorded with the result. An MVTR result without specifying these conditions is almost meaningless. Certainly no two results should be compared unless the conditions are known. The most common international unit for the MVTR is g/m²/day

Waterproof test

The pressure test is conducted on the materials in their original condition, after washing and after dry cleaning. All fabrics undergo a pressure test and must withstand extreme water pressure, which is well above the levels required in the standards.

Spray test

The spray test checks the quality of the hydrophobic treatment, which provides the water-repellent effect.

Tear Strength

The limit of tear resistance and therefore the strength of the material is tested in tearing tests.

Seam seal test

All seams are sealed to test, which guarantees that the seam will be sealed, and therefore 100% waterproof. The tests are conducted on the materials in their original condition, after washing and after dry cleaning.

Flame test

The flame test is used to test the laminate flame resistance for variety of applications.

Color fastness test

This test method is used to determine the fastness of colored textiles to the effects of acid perspiration. It is applicable to dyed, printed or otherwise colored textile fibers, yarns and fabrics.

Testing the end products

Nobletex tests the end articles made of its fabrics. The relevant garment is tested in minute detail in the tests. Special focus is given to the adhesion and waterproof finish. In addition, other parameters are also checked specific to the end application.