Nobletex Eco-Care

Nobletex is dedicated to eliminating wasteful consumption of unnecessary raw materials, processes, and energy, as well as lowering the amount of waste created during the production process.


  • Avoid, reduce & recycle


  • Enforce strict emission standards and has been able to reduce its overall carbon footprint
  • Recycle and reuse of water resource (Rain water harvesting) and heat source
  • Upgrade energy-saving equipment and replace incandescent lamp with energy-saving bulbs/tubes.
  • Optimize production conditions: Dedicated to get rid of the consumption of unnecessary raw material, processes, and energy, also producing the lowest quantity of waste stuff
  • Recycle and restore product package and carrier materials 
  • Double-sided printing for all documents
  • Reuse of internal file bags and envelops until completely worn

Health & Safety

It is the policy of this company that its operations shall be carried out with the greatest regard for the health and safety of the entire work team.

Management believes that safety and efficient production go hand-in-hand. Every effort will be made to prevent injury to our employees by taking all possible steps to improve working conditions and practices. With the daily commitment and support of everybody, we work together as a team to reduce job hazards and maintain an efficient and safe operation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Nobletex, we're committed to making a difference in the communities where we live, work and do business. This commitment dates to the earliest years of our group and is a vital part of both our heritage and of who we are today. Pratibha has a rich history of corporate social responsibility, a history that has grown and evolved to meet the complexities of today’s business world and the challenges of a global society. We are proud of our progress, but there is still much we can do.

We support many different programs and endeavors. We especially are proud of our partnerships that have grown and strengthened over the years, includes the following:


  • Ballaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust – Behl, Haryana
  • BRCM School, Gyankunj – Behl, Haryana
  • BRCM School, Vidhyagram – Behl, Haryana
  • BRCM College of Engineering and Technology – Behl, Haryana
  • BRCM College of Business Administration – Surat, Gujarat

Health Care

  • Smt Renu Chaudhary Foundation - “A fight she started, a fight we will win” – Surat, Gujarat
  • Naturopathy - Get well. Stay well. Be well! – Surat, Gujarat
  • Smt. R.B.Shah Mahavir Super Specialty Hospital (Trauma Centre) – Surat, Gujarat
  • Smt. Renu Chaudhary Fanco Centre – Surat, Gujarat


  • Friends Of Tribal Society (FTS)